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set sail for its maiden in 1912,

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摘要: PartI:Titanic(starringLeonardoandKate)ThefilmTitaniccanbesaidtobeaclassicthatcannotbesurpassed.WiththesettingofthesinkingoftheTitaniccruiseshipwhenits......
Part I: Titanic (starring Leonardo and Kate)

The film Titanic can be said to be a classic that cannot be surpassed. With the setting of the sinking of the Titanic cruise ship when it set sail for its maiden in 1912, the film tells a touching story about two poor painters at different levels, Jack and Ruth, a noble woman, who cast aside secular prejudices and fell in love. Finally, Jack gave Ruth the chance of life. The film was released in the United States on December 19, 1997, in China on April 3, 1998, and in 3D on April 10, 2012.

The film witnessed the greatness of love, and many people were infected by Jack and Ruth. To use a popular saying, it is how a loser defeats Gao Fushuai to achieve an unforgettable love.

Part II: Schindler's List (starring Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley)

The film Schindler's List is a classic in the film history, which represents the real historical event that German entrepreneur Oscar Schindler and his wife Emily Schindler lost their money and protected more than 1200 Jews from being killed by fascists during the Second World War. This film is based on a real novel. The novel describes how to repay Schindler for saving his life. The narrowly escaped Bodek Feiffenberg decided to devote his life to telling the story of Schindler saving Jews.

Film review: After more than 3 hours of film, each time you review it, you will be moved by Spielberg's unspoken scene scheduling and detailed aftertaste. Although the introspection of World War II has never stopped, once you are in it, you will be more sober because of the goodness and meanness of human nature.

Part 3: Shawshank Redemption (starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman)

The film Shawshank Redemption is adapted from the novel of the same name included in Stephen King's Four Seasons. The film covers the theme of the whole film, "hope". The whole film shows the fear of "time passing and environmental transformation" of individuals through the prison, a special background of forced deprivation of freedom and high emphasis on discipline. The ending of the film has the revenge of "The Count of Monte Cristo".

This prison film breaks through the limitation of genre films, and produces a rare human touch and warmth in similar works. This is impossible to make in modern films, so it can be called a classic.

Part IV: Inception (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard)

This is another classic work of Leonardo since Titanic. The plot of Inception is between dream and reality, which is defined as "a contemporary action sci-fi film occurring in the structure of consciousness".

The story is about the dream maker played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who leads the secret agent team played by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Alan Peggy to enter others' dreams, steal secrets from others' subconsciousness, and reshape others' dreams.

The movie "Tomb Robbing Space" is really a classic film of science fiction dream journey with extremely complex structure but very attractive.

Part V: A Journey to the West (starring Zhou Xingchi and Zhu Yin)

The Dahua Westward Journey starring Stephen Chow can be said to be another classic in the Chinese film world, in addition to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Dahua Westward Journey is composed of the Moonlight Treasure Box and the Great Sage's Marriage, which tells a love story that spans time and space.

Dahua Journey to the West can be said to be an unrepeatable classic, and it is also the most representative work of Stephen Chow. The wild northwest wilderness and the mottled old castles bring generations into the fantastic and magnificent world of western travel.

Part 6: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (starring Zhou Runfa and Zhang Ziyi)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the first foreign language film to win the Academy Award in Chinese cinema, tells that Li Mubai, a great Xia of the generation, intends to quit the Jianghu and entrusts Yu Xiulian, a confidant of the beauty, to bring her Qingming Sword to the capital city as a gift to Lord Baylor for collection. Li Mubai's retreat from the Jianghu actually caused more gratitude and resentment in the Jianghu.

There is no doubt that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has played an important role in the history of Chinese films. It has written the name of Chinese people in the Best Foreign Language Film column of the Oscar for the first time. The beautiful scenery as crazy as flowers and dazzling fights let people see the charm of Chinese martial arts. Since then, the cartoon and TV play of the same name of the film have had a good impact.

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Part 7: A Beautiful Life (starring Roberto Benini and Nicoletta Blasky)

The film "A Beautiful Life" tells the story of a Jewish father and son who were sent to the Nazi concentration camp. The father used his imagination to lie that they were in a game. Finally, the father let his son's childlike innocence not be hurt, but he died miserably.

Beautiful Life is undoubtedly a very good film. The whole film has no dark description, not to mention bloody violence. It uses almost joyful pictures to shoot the cruelty of the Nazis, but the audience is obviously shocked.
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